Hire a car Uganda introduces to you, the Toyota wish the best vehicle to rent for an airport transfer and short distance travel for a small group of about five people. Its rental price is unbeatable for a MPV as it goes for as low as 35$ per day.  It can be hired for self drive or with a driver, it’s the traveler discretion to pick the best choice for him/her.

It is a mini multi purpose vehicle (MPV), spacious which can carry five to seven people comfortably with their luggage. It is a great rental choice for family traveling for short distance with relatively good roads since it a low car from the ground.  The Toyota wish is now one of the most popular cars on the roads of Uganda due to its elegance both at the exterior and interior, fuel consumption and quietness and steadiness on the road.

The Toyota wish comes from the most popular Japanese auto company, Toyota corporations. It made its debut in 2003 and was massively received by the general public. In Uganda as a developing country, the Toyota Wish has become so popular in the last three years. The Toyota wish came into light as people fell out of love with the Toyota Ipsum and sought solace in it. they looked at it the best replacement for the Toyota Ipsum.  It is a very good looking commonly found in grey, black and white.

The Toyota wish is an automatic transmission vehicle which can either be a front wheel or 4wheeeldrive car. It has an engine powertrain of 1.8L or 2.0L consuming petrol gasoline. It’s fuel consumption is relatively low.  It has a length of 179inches, width 66.7inches, height 62.6inches and a wheelbase of 108.3inches. it is a five door vehicle and five seats which can be extended to seven seats. It has what we would call the latest car features in a developing country like Uganda for example digital dashboard, LED taillights, foot brake, airbags , parking sensors, dual moonroof, leather seats, drink handlers, music compatible system and air conditioner.