Frequently Asked Questions about car hire in Uganda 2023/2024

Our rental cars have a comprehensive insurance which makes the hirer less liable to the damages caused in case of an accident. Our rental cars are of different sizes and kinds appealing to different travelers with different reasons of hiring a car in Uganda.

What types of cars do I hire in Uganda?

Different types of cars of different making are driven in Uganda but the ideal cars for travelers to hire while exploring Uganda are the 4×4 or four wheel drive cars and the making should be Toyota cars since these are cheap to maintain in Uganda. The Toyota cars are the most popular cars so their mechanic workshops can easily be found in case of anything that needs to be repaired while traveling. The rental cars in Uganda can in different sizes that is the compact cars, the sedan or mid size cars, the sport utility vehicles and the passenger cars.
The compact cars include the Toyota premios and corollas and these are normally hired for city tours and are meant for couples.
The mid size cars comprise of the Toyota rav4 and Toyota Ipsum cars. However, the most hired mid size car is the Toyota rav4 which has an advantage of being are also four wheel drive cars and also a mid SUV. The rav4 are multipurpose as they can be used for city tours and also safari tours. The mid range cars usually carry a minimum of four people.
The sport utility vehicles consist of different types of Toyota land cruisers that is the Toyota land cruiser tx Toyota land cruiser tz, Toyota land cruiser v8 and the safari extended  land cruiser vehicle. These cars are normally hired for safari tours around different remote tourist destination in uganda. These cars can also be used for business tours.
The passenger cars include the toyata super custom, Toyota noah, regius, the safari van and the Toyota coaster. These are meant for group travel. Travelers excluding 4 fours are recommended to use these kinds of cars since they carry some good number of people at ago.

Note that a traveler has the mandate to make a choice of his/her preferred car. We are only here to advise the best choice to making in accordance to the kind of tour one is partaking. All the traveler has to put in mind different cars can be used for different purposes of travel although there are some cars that are multipurpose.

How safe am I on my trip?

In essence Uganda is a political stable country and different security bodies are all over different parts of Uganda to protect its people from insecurity. The roads in Uganda are also safe as they are upto standard especially the highways leading to different major towns though you have to be aware of reckless drivers that can make you get into an accident. It is best to be conscious all the time and also follow the speed limits as indicated on the sign posts.
Our cars are mechanically maintained regularly so accidents due to mechanic problems are very minimal. Other than well maintained cars, our vehicles have comprehensive insurance that makes the driver or hirer less liable of the damages that maybe cause of the vehicle in case of an accident. We also offer road assistance in case of a car breakdown.
We also offer emergency tools to customers like the first aid box, the jack and the wheel spanner. Other than the latter, we as well provide our customers with emergency numbers of different institutions that can help in case of anything adverse for example the police number and medical number.

What are the extra facilities that can be offered?

We offer supplementary facilities to our esteemed customer to aid them while traveling around Uganda. Some of these facilities come with a price tag while others are free of charge.  Some of the extra facilities we provide to our clients are the traveler’s maps, up-to-date GPS, extra baby seat and camping gears.

Where can I deliver the car after the expedition?

Our client can deliver the rental car at his/her convenient place possible however some places come with a price for example if you want to deliver the car in a city faraway from Kampala, you will have to pay some amount for the driver and fuel that enable the car to be transferred back to Kampala.  The most popular places to deliver the rental car are Entebbe airport, at our offices, at your hotel in Kampala and any other place around Kampala.



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