Toyota Premio – Saloon Car

This is commonly known as a saloon car in Africa and in Europe it is regarded as the compact. The Toyota Premio car is rear wheel drive and normally automatic transmission gear car. It is a car known for town services or city tours in Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and Mbale. This car cannot be taken for a safari tour in the national parks which have very raged roads.

Vehicle Facilities:

  •  The Toyota Premio  cars are hired by a couple moving around urban cities of Uganda.
  • They have an airbag, drink handles, spacious seats, a radio and a drive port to fix your mp3 player to enjoy the music while on the road.
  • This car carries a maximum of four people.
  • These are the cheapest rental car to hire in Uganda as their price tag is USD40$.
  • They are also four wheel drive cars and most of the consume petrol fuel.