4×4 Safari Land Cruiser

These are normal land cruiser but modified in Africa and they are specifically meant for safari vacations not anything else. They are more elevated and stronger than the normal land cruisers. These are manual gear transmission and four wheel drive cars. They carry a maximum of eight passengers. These command a hire price while hiring them due to the kind of features and experience they give to travelers. most car rental companies in uganda hire them with drivers since they are so sophisticated thus making their driving very hard for a common driver.

Vehicle Facilities:

  • They are very spacious a cabin for the luggage at the top of the roof
  • They have an airbag, drink handles, spacious seats, a radio and a drive port to fix your mp3 player to enjoy the music while on the road.
  • These cars are modified in such that they enhance a traveler’s safari.
  • These cars are hired by luxury travelers and we hire them at rate of USD 200 per day.
  • They are also four wheel drive cars and most of the consume Diseal fuel.


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