4X4 Toyota Rav4

These are crossover semi utility vehicles cars. These cars are have a full time four wheel drive and have a relatively large trunk at the back to carry enough luggages for the travelers. They carry a maximum of four people and have four doors. They can come in both manual and automatic gear transmission form though in Uganda the automatic transmission are the most common ones for car rentals. We normally hire out models starting from 1994-2000 due to the combative nature that can handle the ragged marram roads of the rural areas of Uganda. These cars a very composed on the road and they can hardly rollover while driving unless you are driving reckless They are also easy to maintain as their spare parts are affordable and also Toyota spare part selling workshops are largely distributed around Uganda.

Vehicle Facilities:

  • They are very affordable to hire as they go as low as USD50$ per day.
  • They have an airbag, drink handles, spacious seats, a radio and a drive port to fix your mp3 player to enjoy the music while on the road.
  •  The rav4 is very easy to use drive since it has one of the simplest car technologies in the world.
  • Their fuel consumption is one of the best for a rental car that is 1900cc.
  • These are one of the most commonly used cars for Uganda self drive by couples and for a few people of about 3-4 in number.


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