In any transaction there are principle and rules that have to be put in place so that the parties involved in the business dealing all get an equal share or benefit. Therefore while hiring a car with us, there are terms and conditions put in place to make the acquisition of the services. There are as below:

The hirer or the client has to identify him/her. This is done by presenting your valid identification card in form of a Passport or National I.D. In addition, the hirer is supposed to prove that he/she is eligible to driving a car and this is done by presenting a valid driving licence and if it is not a Ugandan driving license, its printings should be in English or French languages since they can easily be comprehended by the authorities.

No third party shall be involved in the rental car business. In essence the person that contacts the rental company must be present while picking up the vehicle from the delivery boy at the rental point.

The hirer must disclose the itinerary is wishing to take while using the car that includes the destination, purpose and the duration is wishing to use the car.

Upon hiring the rental car, the hirer must only use the car for the purpose he/she indicated in the agreement. He/she shall not use it for purposes of transporting other passengers with intentions of being paid.

For a hirer to acquire a vehicle from the rental company, he/she has to read and endorse on the car rental agreement that is issued to him/her upon meeting with the delivery boy.

All the rental cars provided to our clients have comprehensive insurance that covers for all the damages that may occur to it under uncontrollable circumstances. However, the damages that occur to the passengers and the driver in the car are not catered for.

The hirer must make full payment of the car hire services before setting off for his/her journey. This can be done of the day of picking up the car or before picking up the car. The payment can also be made through cash or electronic transfer in an acceptable currency i.e. the US Dollars, Uganda shilling, Euros and Pound Sterling.