Land cruiser TX

Toyota land cruisers are sport utility vehicles that is why they are called the grand cars for safari tours in Uganda. These cars come in automatic and stick transmission gears and have a special four wheel drive gear that overcomes any hilly road. Land cruisers are well elevated cars off the ground; the passengers in the car can never feel the potholes and the roughness of the roads while traveling. These are the most comfortable cars to travel by while on a Uganda safari tour. Land cruiser fuel consumption is relatively higher than other cars since most of them have a V power engine. These cars come with either a diesel engine or petrol engine. However, having a V power engine gives them an advantage of being faster on the roads as the traveler can reach a his/her destination at the earlier time possible while using a Toyota land cruiser.

Vehicle Facilities:

  • The land cruiser can be hired for self drive safaris and also business transfers or expedition because they are executive and very nice looking compared to some other rental cars.
  • Most of our land cruisers have pop up roofs for the tourist to easily view the animals while on the game drive.
  • These cars carry a maximum of five people and have a very spacious interior with very comfortable seats and the boot also is very large enough to carry the traveler’s baggage.
  • We hire a land cruiser at USD 90$ per day.
  • They are also four wheel drive cars and most of the consume petrol fuel.