Safari Van

Safari van is the most common Toyota Hiace car. It is a van type of car In Uganda; it is mostly used as public transport vehicle commonly known as the taxi or matatu. In tourism it is used for group travel as it carries a relatively large number of people that is a maximum of nine people. This is why the safari van is the most popular rental car for group vacation.

Vehicle Facilities:

  • It is the best car to hang out with your colleagues at a weekend safari holiday in one of Uganda’s most exciting national park.
  • They have an airbag, drink handles, spacious seats, a radio and a drive port to fix your mp3 player to enjoy the music while on the road.
  • These vans have either automatic or manual transmission gear and have a full time four wheel drive.
  •  To hire a safari van with us a traveler has to pay USD 85 per day.
  • They are also four wheel drive cars and most of the consume Diseal fuel.