Toyota Vitz Budget Car

Book a Toyota vitz with hire a car Uganda for as low as 30$ per day to drive around Kampala and the nearby cities of Jinja, Mbarara and Masaka. The Toyota Vitz is a very simple vehicle with less power and it commendable for people driving for very short distances and on well paved roads like those in the major cities of Uganda.

It is a rental car made for a couple for a causal travel for example visiting family and friends in the nearby areas, city tours and simple excursions like going at the beach. We also recommend the Toyota vitz to clients in need of transport services for airport transfers, simple business conferences around Kampala and Entebbe.

A Toyota vitz is a super compact vehicle with a length of about 143 inches, width 65 inches, height 59 inches and wheelbase of 93 inches. It weights about 810-1,010kg.  The Toyota vitz can be a 2wheeldrive or 4wheeldrive. However, at hire a car Uganda, our fleet majorly consists of 2wheeldrive. It is made by a popular Japanese vehicle manufacturing company Toyota. The Toyota vitz came out in 1998 and last made in 2019 but we as hire a car Uganda, we have models from 1998-2004.

At hire a car Uganda, we have automatic transmission types, power output of about 50Kw and petrol engine of 1.3L.  It is the lowest gas consumption vehicle in our fleet hence making it the most economical car for our clients. The Toyota vitz is a four seat car with a small trunk behind.

Though, it is a four seat car, we recommend it to be hired for not more than two people due to its compactness. It is a very steady and strong car on the road with the maximum speed meter of 180km/hr. Although on our Ugandan road which are African standard, we strictly advise not to exceed 80km/hr. on highway and 40km/hr. in the urban setting.

Looking for a vehicle for hire in Uganda at low budget with the lowest fuel consumption rate ever, the Toyota vitz is the right answer