Toyota super custom

This is a kind of a Toyota Hiace that carries lesser people than the usual and also different in designs as its window in the passenger cabin open at a half-masts.  It has an open roof where by a traveler can pop out his/her head at the roof to see what is at the outside environment. A super custom is comes in both automatic and manual transmission. So anyone who is wishing to travel with a family a super customer is the ideal car to hire in Uganda. These are also very cheap cars to both hire and also maintain as they are fuel consumption is relatively low and also come at a low price that is for as low as USD70$ per day.

Vehicle Facilities:

  • The Toyota super custom car carries a maximum of six passengers and this is why they are called family cars.
  • They have an airbag, drink handles, spacious seats, a radio and a drive port to fix your mp3 player to enjoy the music while on the road.
  •  Its interior design is very executive and exquisite and this why most of the time is called a living saloon.
  • It seats are adjustable in the passenger cabin as they can face each other or all at the front.
  • They are also four wheel drive cars and most of the consume petrol fuel.